Solo was established in Los Angeles in 1992 shortly after the Los Angeles Riots. Although many businesses left DTLA during this period, we were one of the few companies to open a men's clothing business bringing small clothing businesses back into the garment district. We started the company making windbreaker jackets and snapback caps, hoping to provide quality affordable urban clothing for local businesses. Shortly after, we began making complete clothing lines including children and women clothing. Our baggy jeans became a symbol of Los Angeles urban culture and can be seen throughout the city of Los Angeles. As our city began to progress and attract international buyers, our products were being sold in boutiques and malls all around Asia, South America, and Europe. Using our many years of experience, we continue to provide people around the world with quality clothing made here in the USA. 


Solo believes that finding the balance between design, comfort, and function is where the art of fashion lies. Therefore, we create quality clothing with traditional designs and modern fit for people who want to represent themselves in a subtle, creative, and honest manner. We aim to create clothes that you would want to wear daily. 


Solo is a DBA owned/trademarked by Semore, Inc.
2abbit is Solo company's retailer/marketing/sales affiliate.